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Pat Conlon - UKBA - Attendee at 'Defence Against the Dark Arts' seminar


Environmental law is a growing part of the work undertaken by the Criminal Team,

There are an increasing number of environmental prosecutions being filed by the Environment Agency and Local Authorities in both Magistrates and Crown Courts concerning issues such as water pollution, asbestos, packaging, contaminated land, pollution of the air, noise abatement and prosecutions involving waste.

It is important that Counsel with a clear understanding and experience of the Regulations deals with such cases and to address this need we established this niche specialism within the Criminal Team.

The Team represents a large range of Local Authority clients and the Environment Agency in the prosecution of such matters and members of Chambers have been appointed to the Attorney General's Panel as specialist Counsel in this area of work.

 We have also acted for major retailers, small business and individuals who have found themselves prosecuted for breaches of environmental regulations.

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