Please note applications for pupilLage will only be accepted between 11am on the 5th January and 2pm on the 9th of February for commencement in October – you can download the application form and email your applications to if that is easier.

Please note: all applications are rendered anonymous before the process of selection for interview. Chambers takes its duties under GDPR seriously and will safeguard your personal information at all times.

Pupillage is traditionally split into four three month segments to expose our Pupils to all areas and aspects of our core work. You will be exposed to a wide range of Criminal and Civil work and we also provide regular advocacy exercises throughout your twelve months.

We welcome applications from anyone who is keen to develop a practice on the South coast in any of the six key areas in which we practise.

There are three stages to obtaining a pupillage at 12CP Barristers: the initial paper sift, First Round interview and Second Round interview.

Paper Sift

Every application received is considered by three members of Chambers. Each section in every application is marked by all three members of Chambers. We read and grade each application against four separate criteria. The maximum for each category is 5 marks. Those invited for interview will usually have scored 16 or more out of 20. The criteria are:

1) Academic qualifications and qualities,

2) Other qualifications and experience,

3) Aptitude and presentation, and

4) Suitability for practice at 12CP.

First Round Interviews

Those invited for interview (held over Teams™ so that applicants need not spend their money on travel unnecessarily) are assessed against four criteria. The interview will last between 10 and 15 minutes. Again, marking is out of 5 for each one. The criteria are:

1) Academic qualities

2) Experience and knowledge

3) Reasoning and delivery, and

4) Suitability for practice at 12CP.

Second Round Interviews

Those invited for Second Round interview (usually held in person, in Chambers) will have completed a written exercise set after the First Round interviews and against a hard deadline. The interview consists of a short advocacy exercise, discussion of their answer to the written exercise, and general questioning. Each interview lasts approximately one hour. Each of the four criteria is marked out of 5:

1) Oral advocacy,

2) Written advocacy,

3) Response to questioning, and

4) Suitability for practice at 12CP.


Successful applicants will be made an offer pupillage on the same day as the Gateway offers are made. Up to two “reserve” offers will also be made. If a firm offer of pupillage is not taken up, then the first reserve will be offered that pupillage. If that offer is not taken up, then the second reserve will be offered that pupillage.

Brief feedback is available for each unsuccessful applicant at interview.

There are private companies offering supposed insight and coaching for interviews, but all applicants should be aware that their Inn will offer the same service without cost to the user. 12CP Barristers recommends that all potential applicants wishing to obtain advice and coaching contact their Inn:

Gray’s Inn:
Inner Temple:
Middle Temple:
Lincoln’s Inn:

Please fill in the application form below or download here.

Identity information and references (all offers are made conditional upon references being provided and successfully checked.)

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  • Personal Statement
  • References

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