Direct Access work allows you to retain personal control of your case but have the assistance of a qualified Barrister along the way. We offer this service to clients who have issues involving all areas of Chambers’ work.

As a first step we ask potential clients complete the application form on this site in as much detail as possible, including the dates of any hearings that may have been fixed.

Once we have received this our Clerks will get in contact with you and discuss the way forward. At this stage you will be told who might be the best Barrister to help you and the likely costs that will be involved.

If you are content to proceed you will be sent a Client Care Letter outlining the work we will undertake and the fixed fee we will charge for this. You do not need to be anxious about any hidden costs.

Please click on the name of the Direct Access qualified barrister to see a breakdown of their usual fees :

Hugh Merry

Adrian Peck

Wesley Potterton

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Direct Access