Mediation & ADR

We aim to provide you with a simple, quicker and less expensive way of resolving your dispute out of court.

A court is not the only mechanism for resolving disputes. Mediation is an alternative.

It allows the parties to the dispute, assisted by a trained mediator, to seek an outcome for themselves. The obvious advantages are speed, economy, certainty, and informality, but there are other possible advantages.

You may be able to explore issues that go beyond those a court could consider. You may be able to devise solutions which include elements a court could not or would not apply.

You may be able to rescue valued relationships for the future. At the very least, you may be able to reach a solution that you can live with even if it is not your ideal solution.

A court is simply a mechanism for resolving disputes. It is a highly structured system where the judge will hear the evidence, apply the law, and reach a decision based on the application of strict legal principles to that evidence.

A court will only answer the specific questions posed in the litigation. It is frequently an expensive, time consuming, stressful and uncertain process. It involves placing your problem in the hands of an unknown outsider. You lose control of the outcome. You are likely to become focused on the process, on providing evidence to try to influence the judge in your favour instead of applying your energies to the resolution of the dispute itself.

Court proceedings may have other unwanted or unforeseen consequences. Any personal, trade, or professional relationships that are under strain as a result of the dispute, are likely to be made worse or destroyed entirely by the time a decision is achieved. Ultimately, the decision may go against you, or worse still, the judge may reach a decision that suits neither party. [Source: Clerksroom]

Mediation is a proven success and alternative to court.

Our Chambers have suitable Mediation facilities that can often be arranged for minimum cost. Please contact our clerks to discuss your requirements and the availability of our Mediators.

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