Court of Protection

Several members of our Family team conduct cases in the Court of Protection, the Family Division and also at Archway Tower. They are able to offer their expertise in most aspects of this jurisdiction and can offer advice in relation to the Deprivation of Liberty.

Members are well versed in representing young people who fall under the scope of the Mental Capacity Act 2005; these cases can often be transferred to the Court of Protection.

Previous cases of notes have included:

  • Financial applications and social welfare duty-ship.
  • Emergency applications and applications for authorisation for Deprivation of Liberty.
  • Social welfare applications concerning residence and contact.

Our specialist Court of Protection team is also able to call upon their expertise of related areas including mental health law, family law, child care and community care.

We are also able to offer in-house training for the law relating to the Court of Protection; please contact to discuss your training requirements.