12CP Support ILEX with New Seminars

Fri, 14 Oct 2011

Members of our Employment and Mental Health teams are hosting two seminars specifically designed for ILEX and its members.

On 1st November (second part, 9th November) our Mental Health team will be discussing the Mental Health Act, its structure and the procedures used at Tribunals and, on the second evening,  the Mental Capacity Act including the Court of Protection updates and important cases.  

Members of our Employment team will be discussing the new Agency Worker Regulations and answering any questions from attendees. This seminar wil be held on 15th November.

For further information on the seminars or the Southampton branch of ILEX, please contact: nicola.burden@thomaseggar.com

We would also like to congratulate ILEX on obtaining the accolade of a Royal Charter. This will enable the group to prove its continued strength within the legal system.

The full article can be viewed on the ILEX website.

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