Licensed Access

12 College Place is pleased to be able to offer its services under the Licensed Access Scheme. Licensed Access enables organisations and individuals, who have obtained a license from the Bar Council, to instruct a barrister directly without incurring the additional costs of a solicitor.

Licenses can be taken to cover the affairs of the organisation or those of their clients and can cover advice, representation or a combination of the two. Licenses are usually tailor-made to suit the level of expertise of the organisation and The Bar Council ensures that licenses are only granted to those with the necessary skills and facilities to instruct the Bar direct.

The range of businesses taking advantage of this scheme has recently expanded and there are now more opportunities to make the most of these potential cost saving methods. A full list of those instructed can be viewed on the Bar Council’s website along with details of how to apply for a license.

Members of any bodies that have authorised licensed access can take advantage of the system but with the caveat that the cases ‘must be a matter falling generally within the professional expertise of that relevant body’         

Full details of the scheme can be found on the Bar Council website.

If you have any queries about Licensed Access please contact our Clerking Team on 02380 320320 or complete our enquiry form.