Very useful overview of Disclosure - thank you!

Graeme Preston, Surrey County Council - Attendee at TSSE Training

Trading Standards

The Trading Standards team have extensive experience acting for both prosecution and defence across the broad spectrum of Trading Standards matters.

We are experienced in providing early advice to investigators and hard pressed legal departments. We provide full and timely support as well as advocacy throughout the life of a case.

Our success and cost-effectiveness has been recognised by the award of tender to prosecute Trading Standards cases for over fifty Local Authorities.

We also provide training packages for many of our clients

Our sub-teams offer their experience in Counterfeiting, Trade Marks Act 1994, Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988, Consumer Protection and Unfair Trading, Food Labelling, Licensing, Pricing, Sale of Age Restricted Products, Rogue Trading and Due-Diligence defences and systems.  

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