Really useful as a prosecutor to look at a case from a defence perspective. Excellent presentation.

Attendee at Defence Against the Dark Arts seminar - Wiltshire Based Law Firm

Prison Law

Prison law is fast becoming a prominent area for work for the Team as attitudes towards prisoners alter. Prisoners are now seen as ‘citizens behind bars’ and their rights are now subject to far greater scrutiny by the law.

The Team can give practical advice on issues such as life sentence tariff reviews, security categorisation, parole refusals and recall and release dates. Prisoners are entitled to fair and humane treatment in accordance with the European Court of Human Rights and our members are on hand to ensure that these rights are respected.

Prison Adjudications

We are able to act for adult prisoners and young offenders at prison adjudications where allegations of prison rule breaches or more serious offences have been made. Our members are familiar with the prison discipline system and the penalties that are available to both governors and adjudicators in the event of disciplinary charges being admitted or proven.

Parole Boards

Our team has experience of appearing before parole boards on behalf of ‘lifers’ either seeking transfers or release on license. Members also have experience of representing those recalled on license by the PPCS following alleged breaches of the conditions on the original release, prisoners Imprisoned for Public Protection (IPP) or Discretionary Conditional Release (DCR) prisoners serving determinate sentences.  

Coroners Inquests

Our members have experience of appearing at inquests representing the state, interested third parties, friends and family of prisoners who have died whilst in custody where arguments over the state’s obligations under Article 2 of the ECHR ensued.