Court Martial & Service Law

12CP has many years experience in courts martial. Members of the team regularly appear in the UK and abroad defending men and women ranging in rank from Private Solider / Able Seaman / SAC to senior officers, from all three services, their dependents and civilians attached to the service community.

 Several members of the team have served themselves and their experience of military and naval life gives them an invaluable insight into and understanding of the armed forces. Our commitment to the forces was demonstrated when, recently we sponsored a concert by the Band of the Light Division in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund and we held the country's first ever seminar to defence solicitors on the working and application of the Armed Forces Act 2006.

Our knowledge of the military extends beyond the court martial system. We are available to advise on matters of military procedure and administration and have often provided practical advice to those troubled by decisions affecting their service life.

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