Quality Assurance

In 2000 Chambers was one of the first sets in the Country to be awarded the Bar’s quality assurance award which is known as BarMark.

This was followed up in 2002 by the award of the Legal Services Commission’s Quality Mark. In the many years since that date we have passed annual inspections and systematic reviews with flying colours which has allowed us to constantly review our systems on a year by basis making improvements as we go.

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BarMark is a quality assurance system validated by the British Standards Institution. Inspectors carry out regular visits to Chambers to ensure systems are up to date and current and that they comply to the rigorous standards demanded by the Bar Council from sets of Chambers.

Compliance is measured against a Quality Assurance Checklist, ensuring that we not only have procedures in place to meet these standards but that we constantly evolve them to meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace.

Our BarMark system is designed to reinforce Chambers efforts to provide an effective, efficient, client-focused service. All Members of Chambers and staff are committed to demonstrating, through their efforts, that the service provided is of the highest quality.

With the Quality Mark the Legal Services Commission carries out an annual inspection of the services provided by these Chambers to publicly funded clients to ensure that the services we provide are effectively and properly carried out.