Case Management

To maintain the highest level of service, Chambers adheres to the following principles:

Terms of work

Unless otherwise agreed, all members of Chambers offer their services under the Terms of Work statement issued by the Bar Council at

Fees Policy

On all privately funded work we aim to charge fair and reasonable remuneration for the work and effort properly and necessarily undertaken. When assessing the level of the fee to be submitted due consideration is given to the resources available to the client, the importance of the matter and the amount of money or assets at stake.

We are always willing to give fixed quotes as follows:

  • On a competitive or "Best Value" tendering basis
  • By way of sealed bids for larger cases or significant volumes of work
  • On the basis of quoted hourly rates with or without a capped maximum fee
  • An agreed fixed fee – this  however this can only be based on the provision of accurate prior information and can encompass one or more items including conferences, preparation, site visits, expenses, briefs and refreshers

We accept work on legally aided cases for all of our Teams under the  various Graduated Fee Systems that apply to publicly funded work.

The Bar Council has deemed these fees not to represent fair remuneration and, for this reason, the cab rank principle does not apply to the acceptance of such work.

We reserve the right to decline such work or even individual items of that work if, in any particular case, the work required would not be fairly remunerated by that system. Should we wish to decline any such work we will do so in a timely manner.

Brief Delivered Policy

It is a convention that, once a Barrister's brief has been delivered, the brief fee is payable whether or not the matter proceeds to a hearing.

In accordance with our policy of fairness in charging for work, and in an endeavour to provide a better service by encouraging the early delivery of briefs, Chambers does not operate this convention.

Instead, where a brief has been delivered and the matter is then settled, only a proportion of the brief fee will be charged, taking into account the following factors:

  • The amount of preparation already undertaken by Counsel
  • The time differential between the cancellation and the date the case was listed, the length of the case and the extent to which Counsel has been unavailable to accept other work due to that booking.

Conditional Fees

In limited situations we accept instructions in Conditional Fee cases. To discuss Conditional Fee cases please contact Mark Harrison (Senior Clerk) directly on 02380 205711 or via email –

Licensed & Direct Access

Chambers have specialist Teams that deal with these areas of work and information on these schemes is available on this website.

Case Monitoring and Control

Following the receipt of instructions a letter, where appropriate, will be sent confirming receipt and the fees agreed as well as outlining our Complaint's Procedure so that all clients know what to do if they are dissatisfied with services provided to them.

All members of Chambers are conscious best practice dictates that all instructions should be returned in a reasonable time. If the return of papers is required by a specific date there are procedures in place to ensure that this is achieved and our Clerks will inform you as early as is practicable if there is a chance that a deadline may not be met.

Returns Policy

It is our policy to ensure that Counsel originally instructed retains the conduct and control of a case throughout.

However, in the event that circumstances necessitate a change, we will inform clients at the earliest opportunity.

We operate systems to monitor the progress of each case and will endeavour to assist you in liaising with the Listing Officer in order to obtain suitable hearing dates for all of your cases.

In the rare event of a return becoming necessary, and in the absence of appropriate counsel within Chambers, our clerks will endeavour to find a suitable alternative elsewhere who is acceptable to the relevant client.


All of our members are insured for a minimum cover of £500,000 as per the terms of their Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund membership. Please speak to the Clerks if you require any further information on this.