Robert Griffiths

Teams: Crime & Regulatory (General Crime, Asset Recovery & Money Laundering, Licensing)

Year Called: 1988

Inn: Middle Temple

Qualifications: LLB. (Hons) Reading

Appointments: CPS Level 4 Prosecutor CPS Rape Panel Advocate Western Circuit Advocacy Trainer CPS Advocacy Assessor Pupil Supervisor

Memberships: Western Circuit, Criminal Bar Association

Bar Council Registration

Rob Griffiths has spent 30 years defending and prosecuting in all areas of Criminal Law but has a particular specialism in cases of rape and other serious sexual offences, as well as other cases involving children and other vulnerable witnesses. He has been involved in numerous cases of historic abuse, with Defendants including family members and strangers.

Rob has also dealt with many cases involving controlled drugs. He was the Leader in a case of conspiracy to import several million pounds worth of cocaine and more recently defended the organiser of a drug ring operating in Bournemouth and Portsmouth. His experience has given him a sound knowledge of the Proceeds of Crime Act and Rob is the editor of Chambers’ quarterly Asset Recovery Newsletter.

As a skilled and experienced trainer, he is frequently involved in training for the Police, Local Authorities, Defence Solicitors and the CPS on a wide range of topics including homicide, sexual offences, disclosure, and effective courtroom techniques. As an accredited advocacy trainer for the Western Circuit, Rob regularly trains the Circuit pupils on witness-handling and narrative advocacy.

For twelve years now, Rob has enjoyed mentoring a team from his old school in the Citizenship Foundation National Mock Trial Competition and is delighted that they have won the Regional Heat on four occasions. Away from work, he enjoys visiting France.

Additional cases

2018 R v D
Prosecution of a man for being concerned in the supply of cocaine and heroin.

2018 R v B
Successful defence of a man for voyeurism involving placing a spy-pen camera in the ladies’ toilet at work. His defence was that it was not done for the purposes of sexual gratification. The Defendant was initially convicted in a trial at the Magistrates’ Court and then appealed. At the conclusion of the Prosecution case, a successful submission of no case to answer was made on the ground that the charge was under the wrong section. The appeal was allowed and the Prosecution brought a fresh case with the correct charge. The Defendant was acquitted after a jury trial.

2018 R v C
Prosecution of a swimming coach (now 81) for offences of indecent assault of two trainees in the 1980’s.

2017 R v D
Defence of a woman charged with a street robbery with a co-Defendant. She was aquitted. He was convicted.

2017 R v B
Prosecution of a man for historic sexual offences against his ex-partner's daughter, aged between 5 and 11. Total sentence 12 years.

2017 R v S
Prosecution of a man for historic sexual offences against his step-daughter, aged between 5 and 13. Total sentence 12 years.

2017 R v K
Defence of a man alleged to have been running the ‘Max B’ drug ring in Portsmouth from his base in Bournemouth.

2017 R v W
Prosecution of a man who stabbed his victim in the face with a broken bottle. The defence was lack of intent. Total sentence 17 years.

2016 R v N
Prosecution of a man for historical sexual offences involving his two (male) cousins with issues as to bad character (previous convictions involving his sister and downloading indecent images of children).

2016 R v C
Prosecution of a man for repeated breaches of a restraining order by emailing his ex-wife and her new partner. Witnesses gave evidence via video-link from the west coast of America. The defence was ‘reasonable excuse’.

2016 R v B
Prosecution for a ‘glassing’ in a nightclub involving the correct interpretation of the word ‘maliciously’ within the Offences against the Person Act 1861.

2015 R v C
Prosecution in the Youth Court of a youth alleged to have raped his girlfriend.

2015 R v A
Prosecution of historic sexual offences where the Defendant admitted some of the behaviour alleged, but claimed he was under 14 at the time, triggering the issues of ‘doli incapax’.

2015 R v H
Prosecution of a man for historic allegations of rape of his daughter and both his sons, resulting in conviction in a sentence of 22 years

2015 R v K
Prosecution for wounding with intent of a man who shot his sex-worker girlfriend in the head with a powerful BB gun. The defence (unsuccessful) was insanity, involving evidence from three consultant psychiatrists.

2015 R v R
Defence of an 18 year old (16 at the time of the offences) for possession of heroin and cocaine with intent to supply.

VAT Number: 777723288

Robert  Griffiths

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