Jeremy Burns

Teams: Planning (Village Greens), Employment, Chancery (Village Greens, Wills & Probate, Land), Common Law (Insolvency, Professional Negligence), Public Access (Direct Public Access, Licensed Access)

Year Called: 1996

Inn: Lincoln's Inn

Qualifications: BA (UCT) LLB (UN) LLM (Cantab)

Appointments: Cambridge Livingstone Trust Scholar; Former South African Attorney-at-Law 1987-1989, Former English Solicitor 1990-1996, Junior Counsel to The Crown on the Attorney General’s Provincial Panel since 2003 and continuing; Part-Time Employment Tribunal Judge since 2004 and continuing.

Bar Council Registration

A specialist chancery/land barrister who also does employment law.


Mr. Burns handles boundary disputes, easements, restrictive covenants, party walls, social housing, right-to-buy, landlord and tenant, renewal of business tenancies, lease enfranchisement, contentious conveyancing, building disputes, rights of way, highways, planning inquiries and judicial review of planning decisions, wills, partnerships, insolvency and contractual disputes.

Employment Law Practice:

Mr. Burns handles issues across the whole ambit of the employment jurisdiction of the tribunals and the civil courts for both claimants and respondents. As junior counsel for the Crown, since 2003 and continuing, he frequently represents government agencies and organisations such as HMPS, MOD, HMRC, DWP, and the Probation Service.

For example he does cases involving TUPE, contracting in and out, large-scale redundancies, variations of employment conditions, enforcement of post-employment covenants, unfair dismissal, discrimination and whistle-blowing claims. He has been a part-time employment judge since 2004.

Direct Professional Access:

Mr Burns is authorised by the Bar Council and trained to receive instructions directly from members of the public and professionals without the assistance of a solicitor in suitable cases.


VAT Number: 699089753

Jeremy Burns

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