Aleks Lloyd

Teams: Crime & Regulatory

Year Called: 2015

Inn: .

Aleks is a criminal defence barrister, prior to being called as a barrister he was practising as a solicitor with higher rights of audience. Aleks is a very experienced trial advocate, having acted in a number of jury trials. Aleks was admitted as a solicitor in 2000 after completing his training contract with Taylor Street Solicitors. He has specialised in criminal law ever since. He qualified as a Duty Solicitor in 2003 and then as a higher courts advocate in 2007. He was called to the Bar in 2015. He deals with a broad range of criminal matters at all stages, from advocacy at the Magistrates' Court and Crown Court through to appearing at the Court of Appeal.

Aleks has particular experience of complex and lengthy conspiracy trials as well as representing vulnerable defendants.

Aleks’s outside interests are boxing (holding a white collar undefeated record of 4 fights and 4 wins), coaching kids' football and hockey.

R v O, Guildford, Defence 2018 - Successfully defended a man of good character in a 6 day trial for controlling and coercive behavior and common assault. The defendant was a British citizen of Nigerian origin as was his wife. The prosecution witnesses were the defendant’s wife his 2 sons ages 20 and 12, his 2 daughters ages 19 and 17. The witnesses all required special measures in giving evidence and the youngest son required particular care in cross examination

R v A, Guildford, Defence 2018 - Defended a woman who was jointly charged with her partner in relation to allegations of an offence of kidnapping and a S.18 GBH. She was convicted in relation to the GBH and acquitted in relation to the allegation of kidnap. A was a particularly vulnerable defendant with learning difficulties as well as other mental health issues including stress induced anxiety and underlying depression. She required the assistance of an intermediary at trial and gave evidence via video link. At sentence she was given a 3 year community order with a curfew between 11pm and 7 am her co-defendant received 4 years custody.

R v L, Winchester, Defence 2017 - Successfully defended in a 3 day retrial for burglary. The defendant was a three-strike burglar. The case revolved around the defendants antecedent history and DNA belonging to him found at the scene. That DNA was recovered from what was described as a glove mark. The trial came down to the expert evidence provided in relation to the DNA. Despite the previous convictions for burglary going before the jury Aleks was able to explain the concept of transference, the importance of the quantity of DNA recovered in an easily digestible format for the Jury.

R v V, Guildford, Defence 2016 - Led in a 2 week trial in relation to violent spree by a Hungarian immigrant. The defendant faced 5 allegations of rape 2 on the 1st complainant who was the 2nd complainant’s mother and 3 allegations in relation to that second complainant. He was also facing an allegation of attempted murder with S.18 in the alternative and an offence of kidnap in relation to the 2nd complainant. There were further allegations of threats to kill, possession of an offensive weapon and a wounding when the defendant stabbed the manager of the Dominos pizza who was attempting to protect the 2nd complainant. The defendant was extremely volatile and a certificate was only granted the Friday prior to the start of trial.

R v B - Winchester, 2016 – Appeared as trial counsel in a multi-handed conspiracy to supply drugs and conspiracy to blackmail case involving an organised crime group from London. After an 8 week trial the defendant was convicted receiving a 4 year and 6 month sentence of imprisonment.

R v K - Reading, 2016 – Appeared as trial counsel for a man of previous good character faced with one count of threatening a police officer with a firearm. Client was acquitted after trial.

R v C - Winchester, 2015 – Appeared as trial counsel for a long standing client for one count of conspiracy to blackmail which was linked to an allegation of murder. Client was acquitted of blackmail and immediately released.

R v M - Guildford, 2015 – Appeared as trial counsel for an elderly man alleged to have robbed a house mate. The housemate was stabbed a number of times with a kitchen knife during the robbery. The client was convicted after trial and received a 2 year prison sentence suspended for two years.

R v S - Winchester, 2014 – Appeared as trial counsel for a client alleged to be involved in a long running street fight along with his son and 2 of his sons friends. Client and one other acquitted of affray 3 others convicted.

R v W - Reading, 2014 – Appeared for client with severe learning difficulties and an assessed IQ of 54. Was able to assist and advise the defendant in regards to 2 serious allegations of burglary of a dwelling. Sentenced to a 12 month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.

R v E - Reading, 2014 – Appeared for a client who entered guilty pleas to a series of gang related armed street robberies, culminating in a violent aggravated burglary. Defendant received a cumulative sentence of 11 years and 6 months imprisonment. Reduced on appeal.

R v T - Lewes, 2013 – Appeared as a led junior for an absent client involved in a large scale people trafficking ring. 10 week trial resulting in conviction. Dealt with the sentencing hearing on behalf of lead counsel resulted in a sentence of 4 years imprisonment.

R v B - Winchester, 2013 – Appeared as trial counsel for a client alleged to be involved in a planned group robbery. Defendant acquitted despite co-defendants guilty plea.

R v M - Winchester, 2013 – Appeared as trial counsel for a female client alleged to have indecently assaulted two young boys. Defendant acquitted after trial.

R v C - Winchester, 2012 – Appeared as trial counsel for a 16 year old female involved in a complex conspiracy to burgle involving 7 others all of whom were convicted. Client was acquitted after trial.

Aleks Lloyd

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